Find Stylish Eco-Friendly Chairs To Complement Our Sustainable Tables

Customers have been writing in over the past few weeks asking for eco-friendly chair recommendations that work well with our dining table and kitchen table. They're searching for suggestions that are stylish, reasonably priced, and also match our sustainability ethos. 

In addition to our benches, here are our top recommendations for environmentally sustainable seating:

1. Alfi Chair by Emeco

Eco-Friendly Alfi Chair by Emeco Recycled Plastic and Wodo

With a base made of sustainably harvested ash wood and a seat made of a blend of post-industrial recycled plastic and wood, the Alfi Chair elevates style and sustainability. Like our tables, it's also made in America. Available in multiple colors.

Price: $350

Explore: Alfi Chair by Emeco (available at Made Trade)


 2. 1" Reclaimed Chair by Emeco

1 Inch Chair Made of Reclaimed Plastic and Wood by Emeco

The One Inch Chair derives its name from its uniform frame, which creates its slender and streamlined aesthetic. It's made of 90% discarded materials that are reclaimed and given new life as a molded blend of recycled plastic and wood fiber. Available in multiple colors.

Price: $195

Explore: 1" Reclaimed Chair (Available at Made Trade)


3. Odger Chair by Ikea

Odger Eco-Friendly Affordable Dining Chair Ikea

This eco-friendly dining chair is made entirely of molded recycled plastic and renewable wood. Unlike a lot of Ikea furniture, this piece requires no assembly! Woohoo! Available in multiple colors.

Price: $89

Explore: Odger Chair (Available at Ikea)


4. Noho Move Chair by Noho

Noho Move Recycled, Reclaimed and Sustainable Chair

 Stylish, comfortable, and made of recycled materials derived from discarded fishing nets, the Noho Move is a study in sustainable design. Also available with easily attachable (and detachable) merino wool toppers in multiple colors.

Price: $375

Explore: Noho Move (Available at Noho)


5. Jasmi Dining Chair by Medley

Medley Home Minimalist Eco-Friendly Jaspi Dining Chair

Inspired by modern Danish design, the Jasmi Chair is a minimalist, comfortable design with a frame made of FSC certified wood. Two options are available for the cushion: Natural Latex or a premium poly foam that's certified free of harmful chemicals (read more about Medley's sustainable materials criteria). Available in multiple colors.

Price: $440 and up

Explore: Jasmi Dining Chair (Available at Medley)


A Heads Up: Products listed on this page may contain affiliate links, which means we make a small commission if you make a purchase. It's a small measure to help sustainable brands support one another. And here at Simbly, it's a helpful gesture that helps keep the LED lights on.