Flat-Pack Furniture That Elevates Lifestyles And Defies Stereotypes

Simbly Dining Table - Redefining Flack-Pack Furniture

(Above: Simbly Dining Table and Simbly Bench)

Some consider flat-pack furniture to be cheap, shabbily designed, and of inferior quality. We view flat-pack furniture as an opportunity to have more flexibility in your life. 

Furniture you put together on your own tends to get a bad rap not because it’s designed to be put together, but instead because it's frequently made of poor-quality materials and poor craftsmanship that makes assembly fist-shaking frustrating. It can come with convoluted assembly specifications that are near-impossible to decipher - and that virtually rule out ever being able to take it apart.

And, once assembled, when the components that hold it all together are exposed and clearly visible, the furniture doesn't feel altogether finished and as though a great deal of thought when into designing it.

I think we’d all agree that’s a sub-optimal way to go about things.

When we began working on Simbly in 2017, we set out to do things differently. We spent over a year designing and prototyping furniture that could be rapidly and delightfully assembled and disassembled.

Simbly Dining Table - You Would Never Know It's Flat-Pack

(Above: Simbly Desk / Kitchen Table)

We scanned the globe for locking components that would deliver unquestioned durability and give our customers peace of mind that their furniture - once assembled - would remain so. 

We developed a system that would make dis-assembly just as simple and delightful. And we made sure that our ready-to-assemble furniture could be put together and taken apart, over and over again, without compromising the product’s integrity. 

In other words, we designed our furniture to go wherever life takes you for years and years to come.

We also committed to using the highest quality materials we could source. Highest in terms of quality and highest in terms of environmental credentials. That search led us to Appleply, a premium hardwood plywood that’s made exclusively in Eugene, Oregon where it was invented over thirty years ago. 

We think of Appleply as the Roger Federer of plywoods; that rare combination of strength, elegance, durability, and grace under pressure (or, in our case, grace under every day living conditions). Like Roger, Appleply is in a class of its own.

In terms of its eco-credibility, our Appleply is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which ensures that trees in forests are sustainably harvested and that wildlife, workers, and waters are protected. It also helps communities around the globe adopt sustainable management practices to ensure the vitality of their forests.

Simbly Coffee Table - Maple - Beautiful Sustainable Flat-Pack Design

(Above: Simbly Coffee Table)

For Simbly, sustainable products also mean healthy products. Our Appleply is made with non-toxic, formaldehyde-free adhesives, as are the finishes we use to treat and seal our furniture.

The foundations of Simbly’s flat-pack assembly system are its unique, slot-together designs coupled with the Swiss-manufactured, precision locking mechanisms we discovered and now build directly into our tables and benches. Nails and screws are never part of the Simbly equation. Instead, several quarter-inch turns of an Allen wrench (always included) are all that's required to do the job.

When designed with longevity in mind and made of eco-friendly materials and quality-built components, flat-pack furniture can indeed be a sustainable lifestyle solution that elevates our lives and respects the planet.

We’re excited for you to try our Simbly furniture and experience the benefits in your life.