Bright Idea: Furniture That Assembles And Dis-Assembles Lightening Quick

We've updated the site with some great shots from recent photoshoots in Portland, OR.

Furniture should be joyfully simple to assemble and dis-assemble, shouldn't it?

After all, you've got dinner parties to host and dance parties to DJ when the meal is done. So we design furniture that requires nothing more than a few twists of a small Allen wrench (included, naturally) to put together and take apart.

The key feature is the built-in fastening mechanisms designed and manufactured in Switzerland. They are exceptionally strong and simple to operate. These tables are built to last.

A few pics from the recent shoots:

Simbly Dining Table and Benches.


Simbly Desk / Kitchen Table


Simbly Bench


Simbly Stool End Table