Furniture That Assembles and Dis-Assembles Faster Than You Can Change An LED Light Bulb

We've updated the site with some great shots from recent photoshoots in Portland, OR.

Furniture should be joyfully simple to assemble and dis-assemble, shouldn't it?

After all, you've got dinner parties to host and dance parties to DJ when the meal is done. So we design furniture that requires nothing more than a few twists of a small Allen wrench (included, naturally) to put together and take apart.

The key feature is the built-in fastening mechanisms designed and manufactured in Switzerland. They are exceptionally strong and simple to operate. These tables are built to last.

A few pics from the recent shoots:

Simbly Dining Table and Benches.


Simbly Desk / Kitchen Table


Simbly Bench


Simbly Coffee Table

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