FSC Certified ApplePly: Our Go-To Sustainable Furniture Material

Simbly Sustainable Material FSC Certified

When we started Simbly we needed a sustainable material to bring our vision to life. It had to be beautiful, durable, and visually distinctive. The mere sight of it had to evoke delight. And it had to respect nature in its origin and manufacture.

These criteria led us to Eugene, Oregon and a material called ApplePly.

A specialty, hardwood plywood, ApplePly has been a favorite of architects, designers, and woodworkers since first invented over thirty years ago by States Industries.

Simbly Sustainable Dining Table

(Above: Simbly Bench and Simbly Dining Table)

ApplePly is valued for its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, superior quality, and distinctive exposed edge that creates unique visual contrast (a very cool design feature in all Simbly products).

To make ApplePly, thin layers (known as veneers or plies) of hardwood birch are laminated together using formaldehyde-free adhesives, ensuring healthy indoor air quality. These veneers are made through a super-efficient process that uses more of a wood log than any other manufacturing process. A log is rotated as a blade “peels” it into long continuous sheets of wood. In this way, nearly all of the log is used.

Above: This video gives a good overview of the plywood manufacturing process. Note: you might want to mute your speakers; we can't control the music selection :)

Simbly uses ApplePly that is FSC certified to ensure that the timber for our furniture comes from responsibly managed forests. FSC certification is the most rigorous standard for sustainable forestry in the world. In addition to protecting forests and providing for their long-term vitality, FSC certification also protects wildlife and waters and supports communities that depend on forests for their livelihoods.

Simbly Desk ApplePly FSC Certified Wood

(Above: Simbly Desk / Kitchen Table)

The clean lines and flowing curves of Simbly coupled with the lustrous textures and patterns of ApplePly creates an immediacy and connection nature.

It creates delight.