Modern Furniture That's Easy to Assemble and Dis-Assemble


The perils of assembling new furniture. It will take over your entire Saturday. And leave you depleted, irritated, confused, and drowning in a sea of despair.

And woe unto you should you ever change addresses and attempt to dis-assemble your furniture. Perhaps you succeed once. Tops twice.

Then spitting and swearing that you're never ever going back to that giant blue store that serves up the Swedish meatballs - and makes you feel like a mouse lost in a laboratory maze...

You gather the splintered pieces of your broken furniture and deposit them on the curve, praying the trash man will have mercy and haul the pile to the dump because you're not sure whether the wood (is it even wood?) is recyclable.

And you're so irritated that the last thing you want to do is suffer splinters trying to shove this pile of crap into a recycling bin.

Sound familiar? We know that pain. Which is why we operate differently.

And it's why we've implemented a No Head Scratching policy to ensure assembly (and dis-assembly) of Simbly furniture couldn't be simpler.

Flexible Modern Furniture That Creates Delight

Above: Watch how simple it is to assemble the Simbly Bench.

The first thing our customers notice upon receiving our flat-pack furniture is the absence of screws and nails. Simbly furniture seamlessly slides together and locks in place using extremely durable, built-in fastening mechanisms.

Durability advantage: the fit is snug, tight, and strong.

Assembly advantage: you don't need a decoder ring to interpret the instructions. All you need - and all it arrives with - is an Allen wrench.  A few quick twists and you're done. Easy. Fast. Simple.

Above: Watch how easy it is to assemble our dining table.

Taking Furniture Apart Should Be Amazing Too

We feel strongly that you should keep our sustainable furniture because you love it, not because it's impossible to take apart.

So we make dis-assembly a dream. Run those twists counter-clockwise to unfasten your furniture's components, slide them apart, and you're done.

One reason we focus on ease of dis-assembly is that our modern lifestyles are unpredictable.

We move a lot. Whether it's for a new job or just a change in scenery, the urban nomad lifestyle is familiar to many. 

And also, a lot of us live in space-constrained spaces. Whether it's disco night and you've got to a clear a space for the dance floor or an epic game of Twister is on the Sunday afternoon agenda, we think furniture should be flexible to accommodate. your plans.

You Can Assemble and Dis-Assemble Simbly Furniture Again and Again

We build our furniture to stand the the test of time. We use premium quality materials, and components and design for long-term durability.

As founder of Simbly, you can see below that we constantly put our furniture to the test. I stand on, I mean by, our furniture's quality. If you have any questions at all, get in touch. We'd be happy to speak with you.

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