Simbly Awarded Top Score On The 2020 Wood Furniture Scorecard

Simbly Sustainable Furniture Top Score Wood Furniture Scorecard

We're thrilled to announce that Simbly received the highest marks across the furniture industry from the National Wildlife Federation and the Sustainable Furnishings Council on the 2020 Wood Furniture Scorecard.

Simbly's Top Score reflects the environmental commitment outlined in our Responsible Wood Sourcing Policy and recognizes what we've set out to achieve since launching in 2019 - merge beautiful design with sustainable materials and climate-friendly business practices to offer consumers "no-compromise choices" that accelerate the sustainable economy.

The Rise of Sustainable Brands Offering "No Compromise Products"

We see Simbly at the forefront of a growing movement of mission-driven brands that believe great design and sustainability lead to exceptional choices. In the hands of visionary designers, eco-friendly products are frequently the most attractive choices available for consumers today because they deliver all the style and function benefits without sacrificing people or planet in the process.

The Wood Furniture Scorecard's ambition is to encourage furniture retailers to develop robust sustainable wood sourcing policies that don't just sound environmentally laudable, but are actually acted upon and integrated into a company's operations.

Above: Simbly Dining Table and Simbly Bench in Walnut

Simbly's Industry-Leading Responsible Wood Approach

For Simbly, this means sourcing 100% FSC certified sustainable wood and localizing our supply chain. Currently, we make our furniture using FSC certified Appleply, a premium hardwood plywood that comes from States Industries in Eugene, Oregon. We're also very excited to soon introduce FSC certified Europly Plus, another hardwood plywood of exceptional quality and beauty.

What's particularly exciting is that Europly Plus is made by Columbia Forest Products in Old Fort, North Carolina, less than 50 miles away from our furniture factory. This presents a wonderful opportunity to continue to source the highest quality hardwood plywood product available while respecting the planet and supporting our economy here in Western North Carolina.

Other Sustainable Leaders in The Furniture Industry

Simbly and Brooklyn-based Mebl received the highest marks in North America for our companies' responsible wood sourcing policies. Other well-known retailers recognized this year include Williams Sonoma, Crate&Barrel, and Ikea. And we're also proud to be recognized with industry peers including Vermont Wood Studios, re.dwell, and Cisco Home.