Ten Best Design-Influenced, Eco-Friendly Products - Spring '19 Edition

At Simbly, we believe in design-filled lifestyles that uplift our day-to-day routines and bring us into finer balance with nature. Beyond our own modern sustainable furniture, we highlight the best eco-friendly products and brands that expand our collective ability to live modern while treading lighter on the planet.

The emergence of so many cutting-edge innovators today means environmentally friendly products are increasingly reasonably priced and appealing to many budgets.

Here’s our top ten eco-friendly product picks to live, work, and play as the days lengthen and stretch towards summer.

Lettuce Grow Farmstand

1. Farmstand by Lettuce Grow - $399 and up (subscriptions starting at $49 / month)

Nothing says small carbon footprint like homegrown vegetables. They only have to travel a few steps from the garden to your fork. With Lettuce Grow your vegetables will travel from a beautifully designed growing vessel - made from recycled ocean plastic - that is self-watering and self-fertilizing. The entire apparatus - which ranges in height from just under 5ft to over 6ft tall - is so visually stunning that you might even distract the kids from their screens long enough to hone their green thumbs.


The Clean Up Kit by Blueland

2. The Clean Up Kit by Blueland - $29

A small tablet as planetary hero? Absolutely. Blueland's tiny, concentrated cleaning solutions pack a powerful, safe, and non-toxic punch. Your first Blueland order comes with reusable, shatterproof cleaning bottles. From then on, you only have to reorder the cleaning tablets. Buying cleaning products preloaded with water will quickly seem as archaic as it feels just writing this sentence. It's a brilliant way to cut down on your use of disposable plastic and lower your carbon footprint. 

Buffy Eco-Friendly Comforter

3. Breeze Comforter by Buffy - $210

Many of us can’t quite figure out how comforters got their name. The last thing we feel while sweating the night away is comfortable. Buffy’s eco-friendly comforter could be the answer. The outer shell is made of Lyocell, an environmentally friendly, renewable textile that comes from Eucalyptus trees. Inside, the comforter’s fill is made from recycled plastic bottles. Lyocell tends to breathe better than cotton to help alleviate sweaty nights. Buffy’s comforter is light, fluffy, and cool to the touch - a planetary winner.


Ochis coffee sunglasses

4. Round by Ochis - $89

Your fashion statement will now be made of coffee grounds and flax. Ochis sunglasses are a revolution in natural material design and craftsmanship. More lightweight than plastic. Bendable at the temples and the ear tips for a custom fit. Resistant to water and sweat (thanks to a special water-resistant compound. Ochis sunglasses come with polarized, anti-scratching UV lenses. The biodegradable frames will also serve up a nutritious boost to your soil when you’re ready to compost them.


5. Interior Wall Paint by Clare$49 / Gallon

Ahh, fresh paint smell - so very last century. And that’s half the beauty of Clare paints. It’s zero VOC paint formulas mean no off-gassing of stinky, noxious chemicals in your home. The beautiful other half? Why the impeccably designed paint colors, of course. Clare’s ultra premium paint is self-priming and applies easily. Spring colors like Make Waves (shown above) will brighten rooms and moods.


The Flat by Rothys - eco-friendly footwear

6. The Flat by Rothys$125

Style most definitely meets sustainability with Rothys footwear. Made of recycled, single-use plastics that are spun into polyester, Rothy’s shoes are fabricated using a 3D knitting machine. It’s 21st century technology meets timeless classic designs. For spring, we like the signature round toe flat goes anywhere and pairs with anything - perfect for daily tasks and overland adventures.


7. Compressive High-Rise Legging by Girlfriend Collective$68

Not all leggings are made equal, and very few are made of 25 recycled water bottles. That’s where Girlfriend Collective comes in with its flattering eco-friendly compression material that elongates and slims but never pills. Many companies talk about being transparent in their business practices because they know that consumers consumers want to know where, how, and by whom their products are made. For a primer on what transparency looks like when actually means, see Girfriend Collective’s About page.


8. Shampoo by Ethique - $16

Upgrade your morning shower ritual with a shampoo that doesn’t squeeze but nourishes. Ethique is on a mission to rid the world of plastic waste, so its solid bar shampoos (and other beauty products) eliminate the plastic bottle altogether. Ethique’s bar shampoo really is made with shampoo ingredients, it’s just condensed of all the water - one bar delivers as much shampoo as 3 typical bottles. Rub the shampoo bar on your scalp and smile. The planet will smile with you.


9. The Plunge by Summersalt - $95

It starts with over 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women to inform the Summersalt fit. The result is super comfortable styles that fits great and look samazing. Factor in that summersalt bathing suits are made of highly technical, super soft recycled materials that are offer UPF 50+ protection, and we’ve got a winner.


10. Patrick Dempsey Collection By Bleusalt

$50 - $350 

With its headquarters in Malibu and production in L.A.’s Hollywood district, Bleusalt is a made-in-America lifestyle brand that makes California-inspired luxury-quality clothing without the preciousness and lofty price points. Bleusalt’s products are made of Tencel, an industry-leading fabric that comes from sustainably harvested beechwood. Tencel is incredibly soft, vegan, and cruelty-free. Bleusalt makes clothing for men and women. We’re partial to its collaboration collection with Patrick Dempsey.



Simbly Dining Table by Simbly$999

Staying on the transparency theme, here’s a Simbly product that I personally recommend because, well, we built it, and because finding distinctive modern design at reasonable price points is challenging. Throw in flat-pack construction, delightfully simple assembly - as in no more endless Saturday afternoons trying to mash the dang thing together - and premium quality materials and behold, the Simbly Dining Table. Made of FSC certified sustainable wood, the dining table is crafted and ships direct to customers from a family-owned factory near Asheville, NC.