Oh-So-Simple Assembly and Dis-Assembly

Simbly is designed for rapid and oh-so-simple assembly and dis-assembly. We integrate precision locking mechanisms into each component to make putting it together and taking it apart easy and simple.

No screws, nails or complex instructions are necessary to assemble Simbly. A few twists of an Allen key (included) are all you need.

Every furniture item is checked for precision-quality during the manufacturing process and checked again before shipping it directly to you from our factory.

Assembling Simbly Furniture without Nails or Screws

With Simbly you can go from dinner party to dance party.

We engineer Simbly to make dis-assembling your furniture as quick and convenient as assembling it in the first place. Entertaining and want to make room for a dance party? Simbly quickly comes apart and stows.

Simbly helps you live big even when space is at a premium. 

Simbly is so well put together, you'd never even know it's put together.

A lot of flat-pack looks like flat-pack furniture. You see exactly where things connect or are screwed together. That's fine for some, but we view it as a design compromise that we're not willing to make.

We approach the furniture design process differently to elevate form and function. Once assembled, you won't see Simbly's fastening mechanisms; they're deftly hidden from view. In this manner, we maintain Simbly's clean lines, and sleek forms while still providing the benefits of collapsible, flat-pack furniture.

Simbly Makes Assembly So Easy Anyone Can Do It 

Ultimately, we want you to keep Simbly because you love it, not because it's impossible to take apart. Simbly can be assembled and dis-assembled over and over again to fit your lifestyle and go wherever life takes you.


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