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Where does the name Simbly come from?

Simbly is a combination of Simple + Assembly.

What is Appleply, and what makes it a good furniture material?

Simbly offers no-compromise products, which is why we’ve selected the highest quality plywood. Appeply is a premium, high-end, hardwood plywood that has been manufactured by States Industries in Eugene, Oregon since 1984. Appleply is distinguished by its attractive exposed edge, durability, and high strength-to-weight ratio.

As a premium plywood brand, Appeply uses soy-based, environmentally friendly glues to compress its layers (called innerpiles) together and avoids the use of urea-formaldehyde found in lesser quality products. The Appeply process creates a solid, smooth and beautifully finished plywood material.

How durable is Simbly furniture?

Our furniture is designed to be repeatedly assembled and dis-assembled. Unlike some other flat-pack furniture brands - ahem, that happen to sell Swedish meatballs in their restaurants - Simbly furniture is built to last.

We select the highest quality plywood for our products and utilize built-in fastening mechanisms for assembling. Putting our furniture together and taking it apart only takes a few twists of an Allen wrench (included with every product), so there’s no wear-and-tear on the furniture.

Are there special assembly and dis-assembly instructions?

We recommend you lay the bench or table’s face on a rug, towel, blanket, or other soft surface when assembling or dis-assembling your furniture. This is to avoid any cosmetic surface scratches.

What are your shipping, returns, and exchanges policies?

As straightforward as possible. Shipping is always $35 per order no matter how many products you select. You have 60 days to decide if you want to keep your furniture once it's arrived. We also offer free exchanges (provided your product is still in perfect condition and is returned to us in its original packaging). See full details of shipping, returns, and exchanges policies here.

What is the inspiration behind the company?

Simbly was created out of our founder Josh Dorfman’s longtime frustration that few sustainable products deliver on great design and affordability. Josh’s first eco-friendly furniture company, Vivavi, which he founded in 2003, was a retail pioneer of modern sustainable design, but few affordably priced options were available.

Vivavi's best-selling furniture collection was the Knock-Down Drag-Out line created by designer Christopher Douglas. For his work, Christopher was honored in the Cooper Hewitt’s 2006 Design Triennial and celebrated in Time Magazine’s 2007 Style & Design 100. But still the furniture was not priced for widespread consumer adoption, much to Christopher's frustration too. 

Simbly was set in motion when Josh and Christopher reconnected in 2017 to try again, to build a new furniture company, this time with design, sustainability, and affordability as core, uncompromisable values.

Where is your furniture made?

All of our furniture is made in the USA, just down the road from Asheville, North Carolina in the historic town of Hendersonville. We’ve partnered with a family-owned factory to craft and ship our products directly to our customers.