What is simbly™?

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, why is your contact management system so text-dependent?"

The Simbly™ Symbol methodology combines multiple symbols to create a pictograph, thus creating a message. By utilizing the Simbly™ Symbol methodology, data is quickly and efficiently recorded when entered and, in turn, that data is quickly and accurately interpreted when recalled. The methodology has also shown help to decrease language barriers.


Simbly in Contact Centers

Currently, a contact center agent must key-in text, or use drop-screen hunt-and-peck methodologies to input customer information. The following is a typical memo that could be entered into a customer contact center system during or subsequent to a customer interaction:

“The customer requests a follow up call tomorrow morning on our monthly promotion. He is talking about a very large order and I think there is a high probability of successful closure.”

Using Simbly, these 150 key strokes could be reduced to four clicks on a tool bar of symbols, with the following results:


Simbly is intuitive for the user and provides powerful time efficiencies both in the recording of data and in its interpretation. This makes the information instantly understandable and useful to the individual agent, and to the enterprise as a whole. Knowledge management on customers, both individually and collectively, reaches a higher plane. Read more...

What CRM software are you using?

Simbly licenses its software methodology to software providers whose products raise the bar for user efficiency. If your contact management software doesn't give you the ease and power of Simbly, ask your vendor when they plan to integrate Simbly into their software solution.